Healthcare access

The General Assembly must continue to protect every Virginian’s access to affordable healthcare.


Our young people are the key to a successful future. Each and every student in our district deserves the best public education we can provide them. We must strengthen our public education system by providing teachers and parents with adequate resources to help our children succeed.

Teacher pay raises
Let’s raise teacher pay to at least the national average.

Expanding access to early childhood education
By providing more children with the opportunity to enter into the classroom early and jumpstart their educational development, we will better prepare them to meet their curriculum standards and perform well on standardized tests.

College tuition
For students pursuing higher education, we must make tuition at our colleges and universities affordable. In our ever-expanding global economy, higher education is more essential than ever. Students should not be burdened with mounting student loan debt because they chose to continue their education and improve their lives for themselves and their families. We must ensure that the coming generations have the resources to save, acquire wealth, and invest in their communities.

Safer environment

We must pass legislation to guarantee that our coastlines are permanently protected from offshore drilling and large polluters.

No one in Virginia should ever have to worry if their air is safe to breathe or if their water is clean to drink. Richmond must hold polluters accountable for their actions and we must act immediately to ensure a clean and sustainable environment.

Criminal justice reform

We must do more as a Commonwealth to make sure that our criminal justice system is equitable and serves justice fairly to every citizen of Virginia.

Alex is also a proponent of establishing a process for the restoration of voting rights for those have served their time and repaid their debt to society.

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