Require all state agencies to implement a diversity, equity and inclusion strategic plan

House Bill 1993, sponsored by Delegates Alex Askew and Delores McQuinn, requires state agencies to establish and maintain comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plans in coordination with the Governor’s Chief Diversity Officer. “The comprehensive emphasis on equity-minded legislation throughout the 2021 General Assembly session has been historic,” said Secretary of Administration Grindly Johnson. “This […]

Supported the continued development of the VB Sports and Entertainment Project

Rather than the space sitting vacant, Virginia Beach will develop the former Dome site into large multi-use sports, entertainment, residential, and commercial space for residents and visitors, which will generate millions of dollars in economic activity and jobs for local residents. Read about the project here:

Required schools and daycares to have carbon monoxide detectors

From the Virginian Pilot: Legislation that will require schools and daycares in Virginia to have at least one carbon monoxide detector sailed through the state Senate Monday, sending the bill to Gov. Ralph Northam for his expected signature. The bill was sponsored by local Democratic Dels. Alex Askew and Kelly Convirs-Fowler, whose districts cover parts […]

Passed a law that makes it a hate crime to intentionally make a false 911 call on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, or national origin

Delegate Askew to WAVY 10: “Hopefully it will dissuade people from calling the police and make them think twice before calling the police on someone walking down the street that they don’t think belongs there,” The bill would expand hate crimes to include this type of behavior as well as increase the punishment for a […]

Passed laws requiring all schools and daycares to test for lead in their drinking water

“13News Now previously reported that 263 drinking water sources failed lead level tests across seven Hampton Roads school districts during each division’s most recent – and limited – testing cycle. “Previously, reporting requirements for school divisions were lax, only recommending that each district prioritize testing of schools built before 1986. At the state level, there […]

Secured the first-ever dedicated source of funding for Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)

It is estimated to generate over $20 million annually for rapid bus service in Hampton Roads. HRT is notable for having insufficient funding compared to other parts of the region. This is a long overdue bill and HRT has tried for years to get this doneRead more: wins-dedicated-funding-expanded-express-bus-service-in-development Read more: 11-calls-based-on-discrimination-a-hate-crime/ Read the […]

Expanded workers’ compensation coverage for firefighters

Expands the types of cancers that qualify a firefighter for cancer coverage, and removes a requirement that asked firefighters to be able to prove when, where, how, and what they came in contact with that caused their cancer  Supported by VPFF, bi-partisan support, led to Alex getting 2020 VPFF Legislative Rookie of the Year Award […]