Prohibited discrimination; public accommodations, employment, credit, and housing: causes of action; sexual orientation and gender identity. Creates causes of action for unlawful discrimination in public

Virginia Clean Economy Act. Establishes a schedule by which Dominion Energy Virginia and American Electric Power are required to retire electric generating units located in

Hate crime; falsely summoning or giving false reports to law-enforcement officials; penalty. Increases the penalty for falsely summoning or giving false reports to law-enforcement officials

Workers’ compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. Adds cancers of the colon, brain, or testes to the list of cancers that are presumed to

Minimum wage. Increases the minimum wage from its current federally mandated level of $7.25 per hour to $9.50 per hour effective May 1, 2021; to

Constitution of the United States; Equal Rights Amendment. Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that was proposed by Congress

Absentee voting; no excuse required. Permits any registered voter to vote by absentee ballot in any election in which he is qualified to vote. The

Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures for buyer to beware; lead pipe; defective drywall. Adds to the disclosure statement required to be furnished to

Institutional racial segregation and discrimination. Repeals several Acts of Assembly from 1901 to 1960 that contain provisions that implemented and enforced racial segregation and discrimination

Hampton Roads Regional Transit Program. Creates the Hampton Roads Regional Transit Program to develop, maintain, and improve a regional network of transit routes and related