A Champion For

Virginia Families

Building on our progress,

Not tearing it down.

As your Delegate, I fought hard to bring Virginia into the 21st Century – raising wages, strengthening our economy, ensuring Virginians had more liberties and freedoms, and defending our environment. Extreme Republicans in Virginia are hellbent on tearing it down. I’ll continue to serve our district by championing meaningful, bipartisan legislation to improve your lives and your livelihoods. 

We will not let Governor Youngkin take us back half a century by taking away women’s reproductive freedom – not on my watch. 

Virginians deserve a living wage. I will always fight to bring more high-paying jobs to Virginia and demand the wages workers…

It’s time to stand up to the corporate gun lobby, once and for all, and end the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our community.


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On The Issues

Virginians deserve leaders focused on lifting everyone up – making our economy work for ALL, protecting our freedoms, and defending our future. Alex has a record, as your Delegate, of doing just that. Virginia stands at a critical point, and we must elect leaders who will build on the progress we’ve made, rather than try to tear it down.